Sequel 138

 Strata Plan EPS3084:
not safe, not clean, not managed  

You don't want to live here. 
You don't want to buy here. 

This site is for current, former and prospective owners, tenants and employees of Sequel 138.

It exists because the strata council and management company censor any views not shared by them.

Endless Fee Increases  At a building intended  to meet the needs of those at the low end of market rate home ownership, this strata and management company are content with double digit fee increases year after year, charging residents $100 for a door fob that only costs 73 cents, and doing nothing to improve the safety and appeal of the building for potential tenants and buyers. 

Maintenance Fails

Censorship of Dissent Strata members permanently remove dissenting voices from the Facebook group that is the main source of information 

Rats, Bed Bugs, Cockroaches

Corruption at the Top

Violations of Duty and Law

Threats to Safety, Health, Security

Garbage, Feces, Vomit

Mismanagement and Infighting

Drug users, Drug dealers

Not a place to live at or invest in.